Design Process

At NighLon Solutions, I make it my duty to ensure that your brand and all images associated with your brand are perfect. They should be a true representation of you and your brand. There is a process involved, here is what to expect.

1. Get a Quote

Fill out the brand questionnaire or contact me [...]

Copyright Statement

Once final project is approved, and payment is made, you will receive a statement that you own the copyright of your graphics.

This will be signed by me and I will request that you also sign a copy. I provide electronic signature software for the purpose of all official communication between myself and my client.

New Client Questionnaire

Please fill out this form to get a time frame and price quote. This will insure your project gets on the list as soon as possible.

Client Area

Once your initial deposit is made, you will receive log in credentials to NighLon Solutions’ private client page.

This will give you access to tools to download files, copies of all official documentation, and copies of any forms I may request from you.

In addition to these tools, you will have access to [...]


Due to the nature of the project process, there are some simple “rules” that will help your project go more smoothly.

1. Respond to all emails within 24 hours, I in turn will do the same for you. Special accommodation can be made when needed.

2. Do not share any correspondence between NighLon Solutions and yourself (the [...]


Throughout the process of your project, you will be asked to sign several contracts. These will be delivered to your inbox with the ability to be electronically signed. These contracts are legally binding and should be signed and returned within 24 hours (unless special arrangements have been made).

I recommend you print a copy of [...]

Terms of Use- Pre-made Designs and Freebies

These are the general terms of use for my preimade designs (paid or free).

*note, If you wish to use my content/ graphics in ways not allowed  in terms and conditions, please contact me at  nighlon dot solutions at gmail dot com  and I will try to accommodate your needs.  If I do, I will give [...]


Nothing on this site is public domain, and may not be lifted, ripped, snagged,or copied in any way. Template and Graphics are copyright to Cari of NighLon and may not be used without written permission.