I am the owner of NighLon. I am a marketing consultant specializing in branding and logo design. I pride myself in working closely with clients when designing and assisting with marketing, social media, and branding projects. I have a unique perspective based on personal experience, sociology, and past work experiences in promotions, sales, and customer service. Read NighLon.com to get an intimate look into the branding and marketing world. You will like what you see and want me by your side on your next endeavor.



10 quick facts about the face of NighLon


1. I LOVE having my picture taken.

2. I managed a local bookstore.

3. I worked as a waitress for a while and helped promote some shows featuring HUGE names in the music business.

4. I helped promote Daytona Bike Week one year.

5. I love commercials.

6. I’m addicted to coffee.

7. I have a story for everything.

8. I have an artist/ author for a mom.

9. I am married to a gamer.

10. I am the mother of a prince

Really, If you know those 10 things, you know me pretty well!


Graphic Services
I can create graphics for all of your design needs. I can help you! Any graphic I design for you will be unique to your brand, I specialize in capturing the true essence of your brand.  Do you need an original logo? Anything else?
Branding Solutions
A brand is more than a logo, it is how you are perceived by the world. Let your brand be an intimate representation to your customers and audience. I offer one-on-one branding consultations, strategy sessions, and more.
Pre-Made Designs
Are you on a limited time frame? I do offer pre-made designs that can be customized. I have logos, blog designs, twitter backgrounds, and even freebies for your website. Do you have an idea for something I don't have? Just contact me!

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