I started doing promotions and marketing in the 10th grade. I have loved it ever since and am continuously intrigued by all things advertising related. There is just something about the way we as humans react to boldness. This is also the reason I have a love of sociology.

I studied many things throughout my educational career, including marketing, web design, sociology, political science, elementary education, and journalism. I have a strong desire to learn things, so I am able to constantly add to my wealth of knowledge. I love adding nuggets of information to my projects.

It has been 12 years since my interest in marketing was sparked, and not a year has gone by without a marketing project of some kind. I have used marketing in jobs I’ve had, consulted with businesses, used marketing in different organizations I have been a part of, and even used it to benefit my personal life. I am even currently writing a book about personal branding.

Graphic Services
I can create graphics for all of your design needs. I can help you! Any graphic I design for you will be unique to your brand, I specialize in capturing the true essence of your brand.  Do you need an original logo? Anything else?
Branding Solutions
A brand is more than a logo, it is how you are perceived by the world. Let your brand be an intimate representation to your customers and audience. I offer one-on-one branding consultations, strategy sessions, and more.
Pre-Made Designs
Are you on a limited time frame? I do offer pre-made designs that can be customized. I have logos, blog designs, twitter backgrounds, and even freebies for your website. Do you have an idea for something I don't have? Just contact me!

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